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LLDPE Plastic Material Dealer In Chennai

LLDEP is abbreviation for Linear low-density polyethylene. It has a good balance of mechanical, slip and anti-block properties and used for commercial and industrial purposes. Its benefit over LDEP is its product for eg. plastic sheet, are quite thin when compared to LDPE

Applications Of LLDPE: LLDPE is used in plastic sheets and plastic bags. In addition, it finds application in manufacturing of stretch wraps, plastic wraps, toys, pouches, covers, pipes including flexible tubing, lids, buckets, containers. Also, LLDPE is used in artificial flowers, milk carton stocks, box liners, polymeric films, heavy duty bads, diaper backings.

Benefits Of LLDPE: It is very flexible in nature. Its appearance is translucent & milky in color. LLDPE has good electrical properties, good chemical resistance, adheres to handling guidelines. LLDPE is beneficial in a way because when used in films, it adds strength to absorb impacts. On the other hand, the film will not tear or puncture.

We do sell the following grades.

  • ⦿ LLDPE Inj (M26500) – RELIANCE
  • ⦿ LLDPE Inj (500M24A) – IOC
  • ⦿ LLDPE inj (M2550) – OPAL

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